Senate GOP Votes To Kick 27 Million Working Americans Off Healthcare

They aren’t even bothering to hide it anymore.  Republican senators in an almost straight party-line vote, passed a ridiculous budget resolution Wednesday that kicks 27 million working Americans off of their healthcare coverage by completely dismantling the federal health care exchanges.

The fun doesn’t stop there.  According to Bernie Sanders, the resolution is nothing more than a handout to the wealthiest Americans:

This Republican budget throws 27 million Americans off health insurance, slashes $5 trillion over the coming decade from programs that help working families, cuts taxes on the richest Americans and raises them on working families with kids.

The budget moves this country in exactly the wrong direction. At a time of massive wealth and income inequality, it gives huge tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires while making devastating cuts to education, Medicare, affordable housing and prescription drug coverage.

Anyone who takes an objective look at this Republican budget can do nothing else but conclude that this is an absolute disaster for the working people of this country. Families are struggling to put bread on the table, to send their kids to college and to take care of their basic needs. But the Republican budget says ‘we’re going to make it even harder for those families.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that Republicans don’t care about their image on these kinds of issues, as they’ve sealed their base on important issues like Jesus, abortion, the hostile takeover of Texas and Benghazi.

President Obama has already vowed to veto any legislation that increases taxes on the middle class and takes necessary assistance from the poor.  This budget, in addition to doing just that, also slashes education and turns Medicare into a voucher program.

All so a few thousand fat cats can ship more money offshore to not pay taxes on.

These numbskulls need to start realizing that there’s more at stake in 2016 than just the White House.  While their ignorant base of Benghazi drones and Jesus sheep might not care about what really matters, independents are watching, and they can’t like what they’re seeing.

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