Senate GOP Orders Bogus Report Linking Immigration To Wealth Inequality — RWNJs Rejoice

Senate Republicans on the Judiciary Committee have figured out how to kill two birds with one giant piece of propaganda. In response to a recent research article that says immigration increases wages and job production, a report was ordered from the non-partisan Congressional Research Service.

The report was to be very specific. The CRS was asked to give statistics on the average wages of the bottom 90 percent of Americans, as well as the statistics on the increase in immigration since 1945:



In essence, what you’re seeing is a tailor-made report on two things that have little to nothing to do with each other. The “series of questions” don’t include anything that even resembles a correlation between the two.  They are a further tactic used to drum up more hatred for immigrants while simultaneously taking the blame for income and wealth inequality in our country and shifting it from the wealthy and greedy corporations to a demographic that, for the most part, lives in poverty.

Sneaky business, that’s for sure.

Here’s the table that conservatives are sharing all over social media and reporting in their blogs as concrete evidence that immigrants are responsible for our shrinking middle class:

Source: Congressional Research Service Report

Oh my. Immigration has increased quite a bit, and wages remained stagnant and even decreased into 2012. Let’s remove the immigration statistic and have a look from the perspective of reality:

1Make no mistake, those things happened regardless of the increase in immigration. In fact, the increase in immigration coincides with an increase in the general population. Attempting to link the two things is a stretch, even for Republicans.

Here’s another way to look at it. If you take the same graph and add other statistics of things that rose and ask questions that are exclusive to one statistic or the other, you can create the illusion that just about anything is responsible for stagnant wages:

1Clearly, the increase in corn production in this country is responsible for stagnant wages since the 1970’s. It must be. There’s a chart that says so. Right up there^.  Take it one step further and ask a dozen questions, six relating to corn production and six relating to immigration, without asking any questions about both things together and you have the perfect argument against corn.

I suggest we burn all the fields and send all the corn back to the Native Americans where it belongs.

What the Judiciary Committee has done is given right-wingers yet another reason to hate, offered a shiny object to deflect from the real issues surrounding income inequality, and provided a tasty treat for conservative bloggers to use as a headline:

“Middle Class Income Tanks As Illegal Immigration Surges” — Brian Kolfage,

Ummm, sorry Brian, but the study wasn’t about “illegal” immigrants; it was about “foreign-born”  Americans. This result is extremely typical. A horrible piece of misinformation is skewed even further by the world’s worst journalist. Kolfage even goes so far in his “article” as to call white people “native Americans.”

“Congress: Middle Class Incomes Drop As Immigration Surges” — Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner

Paul’s article and Brian’s articles are virtually identical. It’s almost as if they were written by the same person, or that one of them plagiarized the other. Perhaps they have an agreement, and perhaps they just don’t care, since conservatives seldom read an article, opting instead to share the headline and comment on how those immigrants are taking their freedom. Molon Labe and such.

Both Kolfage and Bedard decided to share a video that is completely unrelated — go figure — that tells how white people will soon be the minority in our country:

Conjuring issues from nothing to enrage the ignorant is something the right has become very good at.

Featured Image: CRS

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