Sen. McCain Plans To Destroy Tea Party In AZ For 2016 Election

Better out than in; McCain wants fringe opponents GONE

After the midterm GOP sweep of 2010, the Tea Party was a new, “hip” (if by hip, you meant stupid and fascist) party making major waves in the world of politics. There was a lot of uncertainty in who to elect to heal the economy and the Tea Party’s message of “No taxes, get the Kenyan out of office,” resonated well with fearful Americans.

When weighing the decision between living with a Tea Party driven GOP in AZ or a Republican GOP, the choice isn’t always easy for a liberal. However, if Prop 122, a watered-down sovereign state measure, is any indicator, AZ won’t see a Democrat in the Senate seat for a long time and so the most moderate Republican Senator should be supported in 2016 — that’s McCain.

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The six-term AZ Senator was censured by his own party committee in January 2014 for being “too liberal” for his lack of support to defund the Affordable Care Act and for his support on Immigration reform. Now, McCain wants to create an atmosphere where moderates reign again — and that’s not a terrible idea.

Currently, there are two predictable challengers to the Senate seat McCain holds, Reps. David Schweikert and Matt Salmon, both of whom the Tea Party of the GOP committee supports.

McCain’s ultimate goal is to unseat Tea Party members and other unfriendly politicians from the GOP committee, who hold small but influential local offices in AZ — which he has succeeded in doing.Those elected officials are voted for within the committee to chairmen slots in their precincts that determine how the GOP will allocate funds and what measures and issues it will support, and important to McCain, which politicians the committee will support.

Before August 26, the Tea Party held a majority of those seats and were considered unfriendly to moderate Republicans; now 40 percent of the seats held by chairmen are considered friendly to the moderate AZ Senator. Now that McCain has filled a larger number of seats those chairmen can now vote out Tea Party members.

Voters are pulling support for the Tea Party. 2014 Gallup

Voters are pulling support for the Tea Party. 2014 Gallup

It’s a fantastically boring process, but necessary, if AZ ever wants to stop teetering on of the edge of Tea Party insanity. It’s important to note the Tea Party has largely driven AZ’s anti-immigration, anti-healthcare and anti-gay marriage measures.

An outspoken McCain detractor, A.J. LaFaro, chose not to seek re-election for his committee chair, after McCain and his allies filled his precinct with McCain supporters who would vote him out anyway.

LaFaro said:

For John McCain to have been so vindictive in his actions … It’s just amazing. It’s been all-out war.

LaFaro also likened McCain’s actions to “ethnic cleansing.” LaFaro has also said that former Governor Jan Brewer is a “Judas” to the Republican party. The Tea Party member has an over-developed penchant for drama. That’s just politics, baby!

Timothy Schwartz who authored the censure against McCain was also tossed from his GOP legislative district chairman seat after newly elected officials in support of McCain out-voted Schwartz supporters.

If McCain is successful, Arizonans may just get back their moderate Republicans, who have been missing since around 2008, and while AZ could stand to become more purple, it’s not a bad start towards fixing bridges burned by the extremists of the GOP.

H/T: Politico | Photo: Facebook

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