See Why Joe Biden’s Staffers FREAKED OUT After He Said This During Interview (VIDEO)

A routine interview turned into a political nightmare for Vice President Joe Biden’s staffers, as he accidently tipped his hand as to who he was rooting for in the Democratic primaries.

During an interview with Mic, which was released on Monday, Biden was asked about the social impact that America’s culture of disrespecting women has had on society.  Soon the conversation found its way into the topic of Bernie Sanders’ controversial comment regarding Hillary Clinton’s qualifications to be president:

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Do you think [Clinton] is held to a higher standard because she’s a woman?” asked Mic’s Antonia Hylton.

No, I don’t think she’s held to a higher standard,” responded the Vice President. “And this country is ready for a woman. There’s no problem, we’re gonna be able to elect a woman in this country.

Hylton followed up, “Would you like to see us elect a woman?

The question was a cleverly disguised trap that put Biden’s staffers on high alert, but it was too late. Biden replied:

I would like to see a woman elected

As soon as Biden said that, two of his staffers are heard off-camera calling for an end to the interview, with one person saying “that’s it.”

However, the vice president turned and waved them off, saying:

No, no, no — that’s alright.” He continued to clarify his point. “The President and I are not going to endorse because we both, when we ran, said ‘let the party decide’. But gosh almighty, they’re both qualified. Hillary’s overwhelmingly qualified to be President.

Biden tried to mitigate his gaffe by stating that both Sanders and Clinton were qualified. But then he slipped up again in saying that, “Hillary’s overwhelmingly qualified to be president.”

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