See The Epic Trolling of Republicans By Democratic Congressman On Facebook (IMAGE)

You know, considering how much of a disaster the house Republicans are right now, this might just work.

California Democratic Congressman Mark Takano took to his Facebook page and completely owned Republicans with his brilliant trolling of their current Speaker of the House crisis. The Republican House is in complete disarray as of late, because their “sure thing” for the next Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, completely imploded.

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Let’s just go over the short list.

1: He admitted Benghazi is nothing but a political game to hurt Hillary’s electoral chances.

2: He literally cannot read words from paper and speak them properly.

3: He just got busted for an affair with another Republican (a female this time, so it is a sort of a shock).

With all the nonsense and circus antics going on over this — plus the fact every other logical candidate refuses to accept the job — even the most casual observer can see that it is not a good day to be a Republican congressman.

This is where Congressman Takano drew his inspiration for this simply brilliant Facebook post, mocking and trolling the entire Republican party.

See his fantastic post below:

Pardon me, I am dying laughing at this.

Congressman Takano really touches on  something very relevant in his comedic post. The new speaker literally will be unable to do anything. There are currently enough factions in the Republican house that answer ONLY to corporate donors, that nobody can get them to budge from their positions on anything. Nothing gets done and their default position is to blame President Obama, when he has nothing to do with it.

All fun aside, this is taking us into a very strange situation. Republicans simply cannot unite. There are too many money men behind the scenes demanding their way on everything. No other Republican wants to really take the job, and there is a legitimate chance Republicans will need Democrats’ and Nancy Pelosi’s support to get enough votes to install ANYONE at this point. We could end up with a bi-partisan dark horse candidate or even a Democratic speaker at this juncture, unless Boehner refuses to step down. It will make for a fascinating next couple weeks as Boehner’s resignation time approaches and this plays out more.

Featured Image via Facebook (altered)

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