Secretary of State Kerry Slams Junior Senator Marco Rubio On Iran Letter Face To Face (Video)

This morning, the Senate began hearings on the proposed new authorization of force for the conflict with ISIS. But somehow the hearing drifted into a confrontation between committee member Marco Rubio and Secretary of State John Kerry over the recent letter signed by the Senator that some have contended is undermining the Administration’s ongoing negotiations with Iran over nuclear issues.

The Junior Senator’s inexperience was unearthed as Kerry schooled him in how the GOP’s ill-advised letter is wrong on it’s face and insulting to everyone involved with the sensitive negotiations. Kerry stopped just short of accusing the Senator and his peers of treason and struck back any notion that he or anyone involved is secretly trying to provide Iran with a bomb or anything Un-American of that sort. He did spell out how the Senator and his cronies have been pretty much dead wrong about everything they have said about the negotiations forcing the young Senator to back peddle hard.

Watch the clash HERE:


Kerry clearly shows Rubio the difference between an ideological puppet like the Senator and an experienced diplomat like himself. Let us hope someone teaches the young Senator how to be more of a level-headed leader like Kerry versus the base pleasing, reactionary ideologue he currently is, should he formally decide to seek the Oval Office.

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