Secret Memo Shows That Every Single Congressman Could Be Hit In Russian Investigation

Yet another day and yet another leak. A secret Republican National Committee memo was released on Monday that shows that Republicans are preparing for what may be inevitable. They may all be implicated, or at least investigated, in the growing Russian scandal.

According to a Buzzfeed report, the RNC has issued a memo to their employees telling them to preserve absolutely everything regarding the 2016 election.

“Given the important role that the RNC plays in national elections and the potentially expansive scope of the inquiries and investigations, it is possible that we will be contacted with requests for information,” reads a July 28 memo to staff from the RNC Counsel’s Office.

“Therefore, we must preserve all documents potentially relevant to these matters until they are resolved or until we are informed by all necessary parties that preservation is no longer necessary.”

BuzzFeed News obtained a copy of the memo, which orders employees not to “delete, destroy, modify, or remove from your paper files, laptop computer, desktop computer, tablet, mobile device, e-mail, or any storage system or device, any documents, records, or other materials that relate to the 2016 presidential election or that may relate to any investigation concerning the election.” An RNC source confirmed the memo’s authenticity Monday morning.

Source: Buzzfeed

Gotta give them credit. At least they aren’t telling their minions to shred everything. Perhaps that’s in the subtext.

The RNC insists that they aren’t currently being investigated and that they don’t have a specific reason to believe that they will be, but they are taking the measures, just in case. If Russia did hack voting machines, you can be sure that the RNC, along with every GOP Congressman, should be investigated.

This is all pretty ironic, given all the hubbub surrounding the Democratic National Committee, who should be laughing all the way to the White House. Instead, they’re still drowning their sorrows in vodka tonics over an election that was stolen.

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