Seattle Enact Tiny Gun Tax To Help Prevent Gun Violence And Ammosexuals Freak Out (VIDEO)

Taking a page from Chris Rock’s playbook, the Seattle City Council enacted a tax on guns and ammo.

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The tax isn’t $5.00. It’s just $.02 to $.05 on every bullet and $25.00 on each gun. The tax revenue is estimated to be $300,000 a year and it will go to gun violence prevention. According to just one hospital’s records, gun violence cost insurance and taxpayers $17 million last year alone.

By providing for gun violence research with a tax on the sale of guns and bullets, and requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms, Seattle is actively responding to the gun violence that is devastating our society,” Washington Center for Gun Responsibility Executive Director Renee Hopkins said. “The human cost of gun violence has been especially clear in recent weeks, as shootings have claimed the lives of our young people and of community leaders like Donnie Chin.

Source: KIROTV

Now, to you and me, this probably sounds incredibly reasonable, especially in an environment where people are hugging their guns tighter than they hug their children, but it’s anything but reasonable to gun nuts. One retailer says he’d rather leave town than pass the tax on to his customers.

Here’s the video:

For the first time probably ever, the National Rifle Association is pretending to care about poor people, saying:

The burden of regressive taxes like the Seattle proposal falls squarely on those that are least able to afford them. Persons of means will simply drive outside the city to purchase firearms and ammunition, while those without such options will be forced to go forego their rights or pay the tax. This is especially egregious considering how those at the lower end of the economic scale also tend to reside in areas where violent crime is the highest. One wonders whether this type of social engineering on the downtrodden is an intended feature of the legislation rather than an unfortunate consequence.


The irony of a conservative talking about unfair taxation would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic. The NRA and the entire Republican party that’s owned by them care nothing about poor people. Their solution to end poverty is to give tax cuts to the wealthy.

Just because the measure has passed, it doesn’t mean it will take effect any time soon. The state has final veto power.

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