Torture Psycho Sean Hannity Not So Sure He ‘Agrees With All The Geneva Conventions’ (VIDEO)

One of the counterpoints Rand Paul brought up during the Tuesday night GOP debate to counter Trump’s “kill their families” “plan”  was that said “plan” violated the Geneva Conventions.

You’d think that would be the end of it, but no; in taking the side of the Teflon Don while interviewing Paul, Fox New propagandist Sean Hannity told Paul he wasn’t sure he “agrees with all the Geneva Conventions.”

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War Hawks

It’s a testament to just how far gone the GOP actually is Rand Paul and Jeb Bush were the two most rational adults on the stage. Paul put on a very good act pretending to be a Libertarian — to some degree, he had a home field advantage — while Bush came out swinging against Trump, triggering the most epic cat fight this election cycle.

Of course, they were vastly outnumbered by the crazy on stage, including the Ted Cruz, who expressed interest in wanton carpet bombing of civilian targets before he was directly asked to clarify his position, at which point he slipped away faster than a pro-lifer hit with a child support claim.

Adding to the war crime proponents was the Teflon Don, who called for the murder of terrorists’ family members. Paul took issue with this call to target civilians, and told Trump his “plan” would violate the Geneva Conventions.

After the debate, Paul sat down across from Propagandist Sean Hannity for a discussion on the collection of four treaties signed in the wake of World War II.

Paul said he was for “going after as many records as we can get of terrorists” but asked “it be done in an individualized fashion where you put a person’s name on a warrant and you say ‘we have suspicion they did X’ and then you get a judge to sign it.”

In short, Paul supports the rule of law as it stands. He slammed Trump’s idiotic claim of “closing down the Internet,” claiming it would “violate the Constitution and would specifically violate the First Amendment.” It’s also a gross violation of common sense and wouldn’t solve anything, but those are side issues.

He then went after Trump’s “plan” to kill the families of terrorists, saying, “So we’re going to kill like their 2-year-old kids, their 4-year-old kids? And the thing is that to kill bystanders and non-combatants goes against what America stands for.”

Of course, like the good Christian he is, Hannity took issue with the idea we might not be killing little children:

There was an exec — I’m not so sure if I agree with all the Geneva Conventions and whether or not other countries follow those rules. There’s a separate debate. But there’s an executive order, I believe President Ford at the time that prohibits the assassination of foreign leaders. I think if we got an opportunity to take out an evil foreign leader, that we’d be wise to do so.

You can’t make this stuff up. Now they’re questioning the usefulness of the Geneva Conventions. It’s like these treasonous war hawks are trying to get our soldiers tortured or something.

Watch the video below:

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