Sean Hannity Just Openly Threatened Someone On Twitter, And It May Be A Fox News Exec


Is there some reason people like Donald Trump and his most ardent fans can’t handle problems without making threats? Sean Hannity is publicly threatening someone after tweeting that he’s been talking to lawyers about “libel, slander, defamation, tortious interference.” As an alleged journalist, he really ought to know what those words mean and not throw them around.

He’s also doing quite a bit of posturing about it, up to and including issuing this threat:

Many on that tweet assume he’s referring to his sexual harassment accuser, Debbie Schlussel. However, this tweet suggests he’s talking about whoever it is he thinks “the traitor” is at Fox News:

Hannity recently gave an interview to Vanity Fair, in which he defended embattled co-president Bill Shine, who has been caught up in the sexual harassment investigation into Fox News. In it, he said there was a traitor at Fox News, and claimed to know who it is. After Bill O’Reilly’s ouster amid a sexual harassment scandal, people began saying that “they” were going to come after Hannity.

Sure enough, Schlussel came forward saying that Hannity had been creepy with her. Hannity has repeatedly denied that he was even remotely inappropriate with her, and he and his followers seem to think that she’s either an active participant in some grand conspiracy to shut down Fox News (and indeed, conservatives in general) entirely, or a pawn that “they” are using to take down every conservative there is.

Honestly, he sounds too much like Trump, dropping saying on Twitter that he’s got all this information and hinting that it could blow something wide open. Since he’s a television personality, it’s a little more likely that he’s actually got something on someone (or a lot of someones), but then again…he really does sound like Trump blowing hot air and this could wind up being a huge nothingburger.

He shut down before he “said too much” to his Twitter audience, and is now simply saying, “stay tuned.” So he’s hinting that he and his “team” are going to bust something wide open. Because the scandal at Fox News can’t possibly be a culture fostered by serial harasser Roger Ailes (and probably other serial harassers), could it?

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