Hannity Has Total Meltdown After Reporter Correctly Identifies Him As Fox News’ ‘Dumbest Anchor’

I wonder if Trump’s historically thin skin is contagious? It sure seems like it after Fox News’ Sean Hannity went on a twitter rampage after being called (correctly) “Fox News’ dumbest anchor” by Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal.

It started when Hannity blamed Republicans for the disaster that is the Trump campaign. No, not because they allowed him to become the nominee and run the worst campaign of all time; rather, Hannity is enraged that the party is not committing electoral suicide but being supportive of Trump’s attacks on a Gold Star mother that lost her son in Iraq.

Stephens was…unimpressed with Hannity’s rant and put up a tweet mocking the square-jawed dimwit:

Less than two hours later, Hannity had a ragegasm all over twitter at the (still correct) insult. Ranting and raving about “arrogant, elite, enablers” that are SUPER mean to Trump but didn’t hold the GOP’s feet to the fire when they failed to obstruct Obama’s every move:

Curiously, Hannity is one of the many dolts on Fox News that were forever pushing Republicans to be more extreme and he practically gave the entire Tea Party a hummer on national TV. THAT is what created the opening for Trump. Of course, Hannity is now a big fan of Trump because something something something “Hillary” something.

There’s a reason he’s considered the “Worst News Host” by his peers in the cable news business….

UPDATE: Hannity is still ranting.

and ranting…

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