Scumbag Alert: Koch Brother Groups Are Blocking Medicaid Expansion In Red States

Next to Benghazi Bingo, wasting taxpayer money to destroy Obamacare has been the Republicans’ favorite game. It’s pretty much the only work they do in order to justify their continued glad handing with their Koch Brother masters. Just to be precise, Republicans voted a whopping 54 times to repeal Obamacare  in four years. While Obamacare was passed in haste when President Obama had a Democratic Majority in Congress and it does contain many minuses, it also contains a slew of positives. Chief among them is the Federally funded Medicaid expansion, which is slated to insure 21.3 million low-income Americans in the next decade.

 Of course while opting out actually drives up insurance costs and saves states very little, many red state governors chose to opt out of the Medicaid expansion in order to hold on to bitching over goddamn nothing rights.

Perhaps finally coming to their senses or actually realizing that they were killing off their states’ low-income residents, many red state Republican governors are starting to accept the Medicaid expansion. However, radical right-wingers aren’t going to just sit by and let them do the right thing. That said, many Koch-backed groups are ruining the lives of those they hoodwink into voting for them by blocking efforts by Republican governors to expand Medicaid.

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For example, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam’s alternative plan to expand Medicaid to an estimated 250,000 uninsured adults died in a state Senate committee like the people it’s supposed to help. Moreover, it died after vigorous opponents with deep ties to the Koch brothers won a 7-4 vote.

From Alternet:

Haslam, chair of the Republican Governors Association, included GOP proposals like creating health reimbursement accounts to help individuals pay for out-of-pocket expenses, premiums and co-pays. Tennessee’s Hospital Association, Business Roundtable and Medical Association all supported his reforms, yet senior GOP legislators fell under the libertarian extremists’ spellthat the federal government could not be trusted with its funds or red tape.

Naturally, the Koch Brother backed Americans for Prosperity (IE, Prosperity for a few Americans) maligned the efforts in order to maintain the status quo of killing off low-income people.

“We’re the third-worst state in the country for accepting federal dollars,” Andrew Ogles, Americans for Prosperity’s state director said during the debate. “It’s time for us to stop. Anytime we have a problem, instead of coming up with a Tennessee solution, we run to the federal government with our hands out. No more.” (Alternet)

Of course these people don’t mind the billions of dollars wasted on government bailouts of Wall Street’s risky bets and corporate welfare, but that’s when government intervention benefits them so it’s totally cool. Again, this is precisely the type of sociopathic (and hopelessly unrealistic) Ayn Rand claptrap that is nothing more than corporate statism. In short, these shady efforts by right-wing groups to hinder Republican governors’ attempts at delivering Medicaid are purely stunts to raise more money for Koch-backed groups, doing absolutely nothing for the working poor.

H/T: Alternet



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