Screw You SNL — Trump’s Monologue Was A Snoozefest, Even With Larry David’s $5k Comment (VIDEO)

Walking out on the stage with the energy of Ben Carson, Donald Trump was the “anti-woo” in his monologue on Saturday Night Live. While Terrence Killam and Darrell Hammond did their best Trump impressions, Trump did his best Ben Carson — awkward and predictable.

I think it was exactly what we were expecting — it was terrible in the “we won’t even remember this happened two years from now” sense.

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While it was a “boring, horrible, no good” monologue for SNL — it wasn’t bad enough — it wasn’t legendary bad like that of Milton Berle, Andrew Dice Clay, Martin Laurence, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, or Lorne Michaels’ pick: Steven Seagal.

It was boring.

Rolling Stone pointed out Trump’s presence was a ratings grab, and nothing more, saying:

This episode felt like a really smart, funny group of writers and performers going through the motions because the show must go on, even if they all would rather have been doing something, anything, else.

And, that is absolutely perfect. Because Trump really wanted this to be “yuuuuuuge.” He wanted it to be historic. He wanted the controversy to be legendary, like when people boycotted the show for Andrew Dice Clay or when Martin Laurence made nasty jokes about women’s genitals. SNL was betting on the same type of legendary controversy as well. Only, Trump’s “controversy” was mediocre at best.

Hell, even with the two “back-up” Trumps the monologue could barely illicit a yawn of indifference.

And that does not stroke the ego of poor rich little Trumpy-poo. Although, in his delusional world, he is still patting his own back. Because obviously he really is his biggest fan. He’s the guy that tells you he can make it happen for you all night long – but is asleep by 11:15 p.m. All talk, no action.

The “funniest” (not so funny) part of the monologue was Larry David, who won the $5,000 bounty for calling Trump a racist. Yet, this pre-scripted little bobble was just to diffuse the risk of the show being interrupted later in the evening — a giant “F*ck you” to the many liberals of their fan base.

It would be great if Larry David would donate that to the Bernie Sanders campaign, considering his portrayal of the politician has garnered him some limelight as of late.

So fine, here, watch it. But, make sure you have absolutely nothing around you that is the least bit distracting — because if you do — you won’t make it through it.

Featured image via video screen capture

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