SCOTUS Clears The Way For Same Sex Marriage In 5 States – By Doing Nothing

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) declined to hear cases from Oklahoma, Indiana, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin yesterday, clearing the way for legal same sex marriage in those states.

Thanks to the SCOTUS ruling, Judges Lucero, Kelly and Holmes of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a mandate stating:

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On this date the United States Supreme Court denied certiorari review in these matters.  Consequently, the stay of the mandate directed in our decision dated 7/18/14 is lifted, and the mandate shall issue forthwith.  A copy of this order shall stand as the mandate of the court.

Refusing to hear the case closes the book in those 5 states on the highly controversial 10th Circuit ruling, and within hours same sex lovers were pouring into courthouses to be legally wed.

SCOTUS same sex marriage ruling tweet: Eric Kane 13News @13EricKane · Oct 6 Tony London and Tim Bostic are heading in to get their marriage license.

Tweet from Eric Kane 13News @13EricKane · Oct 6
Tony London and Tim Bostic are heading in to get their marriage license.

Two Oklahoma District Courts, Okmulgee and Atoka Counties, decided to save the world from the gays for a few more hours by refusing to issue licenses until they had confirmation of the Court Order.  In Colorado,  Attorney General John Suthers ordered all 54 district courts in the state to start issuing licenses.  Indiana and Wisconsin are expected to follow suit.

Tony London of Norfolk, a plaintiff in the Virginia case, said “It’s been a pleasure suing you” as the clerk handed him a marriage licence.  He and his partner were caught locked in a victory kiss in a Tweet from WVEC reporter Eric Kane.

SCOTUS same sex marriage ruling an important step towards equality.

The ruling, or lack thereof, isn’t a blanket 50 state mandate to allow same sex marriage, but it does serve as a stepping stone to equality, an idea well past it’s prime 14 years into the 21st century.  With 25 states and the District of Columbia now allowing gay marriage, the time America has to wait to see an end to the archaic marriage laws conservatives have copied onto the 1st blank piece of ricepaper in their bibles may be shortened.

Just imagine if accomplishing something by doing nothing worked for Congress…


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