Sick And Tired: Walker Donor’s Launch Rumor War/Publicity Stunt Against Campaign Manager

Scott Walker, low ranking GOP presidential hopeful, is doing so poorly that his donors are rumored to have started a “whisper campaign” against his campaign manager, Rick Wiley, because his is not marketing their candidate well. With his waning numbers forcing him to “withdraw and regroup,” the wounded campaign really doesn’t need insult added to injury. Some people believe this is just an attempt at gaining publicity. No matter how good Wiley is, the campaign really can’t expect miracles, and there isn’t much for them to work with. The publicity stunt angle really rears its head here, but it might at least gain Walker some sympathy.

According to Walker’s spokesperson, Kirsten Kukowski, in a predictable statement to Buzzfeed, yes there really are rumors, but (like the rest of his campaign) they aren’t based in reality. They are just another sideshow:

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Governor Walker routinely says we need to talk about the issues instead of the sideshow because our country deserves it,” Kukowski said in a statement to BuzzFeed News. “We have a plan to share Governor Walker’s WI record of reform and results and his vision with the American people, and will continue to execute on it. This isn’t a reality show, the whisper campaign isn’t based in reality and has no place in the process to elect the next president of the United States.

The entire Republican presidential nomination process has been a circus and in many ways could be seen as a bad reality show. This sure looks like it is the “Backstabber Causes Butthurt With Major Mean Rumor About Best Friend” episode. The rumor even has a sexual angle, one that is closely guarded and simply alluded to. Buzzfeed states it is unsubstantiated and they will not print it, but we get a hint from a veiled Tweet Erick Erickson sent on Thursday:

Lots of different people all sending me the same rumor about a particular campaign manager caught indecently at the Ohio debate.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that Walker’s donors are fed up with the campaign manager and calling for his replacement. The donors are reportedly angry with Wiley, saying he has mismanaged funds and failed to adequately respond to the candidates flagging numbers. (Once again, men can rarely work miracles.) At the same time all the sudden nebulous accusations of sexual impropriety appear, as if on cue.

Could this public discord be in an effort by the donors to revitalize his sagging campaign with a shot of “All publicity is good publicity?”

Well, we really can’t know for sure who started this and if it is a tactic or real in-fighting. However, if this was a reality show, it would all boil down to Walker being a victim and poorly represented, not a loser who can’t perform well in debates and who’s campaign appears to be a few short points away from death.

Salvaging one’s political career after this GOP nightmare circus has got to be crossing all the candidates’ minds.

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