Scott Walker Makes It Easy For Hotheads To Score Guns With No Wait

Good news for domestic abusers, angry spouses who think they’ve been cheated on and anybody whose spur of the moment rage sends them to a gun shop to act on their primal instinct to inflict harm: Scott Walker will make it so you don’t have to wait that pesky 48 hours anymore. You can have your means of revenge, satisfy your anger and yes, even make suicide that much easier with Walker’s new “all the liberty you can handle” instant death law.

To add to the carnage, Walker will also sign a bill allowing retirees from law enforcement to carry concealed weapons in schools.

Guns with no waiting period, guns in your schools; the freedom is almost too much to bear.

Walker’s spokesperson, Laurel Patrick, says the bill signing was scheduled at a local sheriff’s office two weeks ago, before the tragedy in Charleston.

Apparently rescheduling for after the victims are at least laid to rest was too much to ask.

Walker, who is expected to announce his presidential run in mid-July, has already been bragging in New Hampshire and Iowa that virtually anyone in his state can carry a concealed weapon. The NRA gives him an A+, meaning civilized society gives him an F. Walker is responsible for the “castle doctrine” in his state, making it basically legal to shoot someone on your property. NRA Political Victory Fund Chairman Chris W. Cox said in a statement:

Scott Walker is a battle-tested leader in the fight to preserve Second Amendment rights in Wisconsin. He’s never wavered, never backed down and never stood still in the fight to protect our freedoms.

Those “freedoms” will now include an easy-peasy lemon squeezy step on up and get your gun with no waiting period law. Walker said that the waiting period is no longer necessary, since background checks can now be performed instantaneously. Walker fails to realize that the 48-hour waiting period isn’t just about inconveniencing law-abiding citizens, it’s a cool down period for people who may be ready to engage in a crime of passion or commit suicide.

According to Politifact, studies have swung in both directions as far as waiting periods are concerned. Most studies say waiting periods reduce suicide rates in people over 55, and that suicide rates overall increase in the first week a person owns a new gun. Studies show data that both support and contradict claims that a waiting period reduces domestic violence related gun deaths.

If a single study shows that a single death could be avoided, is it really that unreasonable for people to wait two days for their shiny new instrument of death? Pro-2A gun nuts say yes, because the person forced to wait may need immediate protection.

Once again we’re going out of our way to protect the person with the deadly weapon at the expense of the person on the business end of their bullets.

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