Scott Walker: I Want To Talk About Things That Matter, Not Black Lives (AUDIO)

In order to win in 2016, Republicans, even Donald Trump, need a bigger minority vote than they’ve ever had before. The last time any Republican presidential candidate got a sizable minority vote, it was George W. Bush and he was actually trying (i.e. being nice to people of color). But Republicans need even more than Bush got simply because the minority vote is a larger bloc than it was in 2004. You wouldn’t know it to hear them talk, though.

Most of the headlines have gone to the frontrunner, Donald Trump, who is never afraid to offend, even if it means calling immigrants “rapists.” Republicans call African-Americans “thugs” and in their hearts of hearts, far too many believe that black lives don’t matter at all. In fact, Scott Walker as much as said so.

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Walker was approached by Black Lives Matter representatives who wanted some of his time. He turned them down, saying instead that he would like to limit his time to “things that matter.”

‘I’m going to meet with voters. I mean, I’ve said, it’s not just – who knows who that is?’ Walker said of the amorphous civil rights group, following his breakfast speech at a ‘Politics and Eggs’ forum in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The presidential candidate likened the prospect of a sit-down with the aggressive civil rights group’s loudest voices to the idea of meeting with top representatives from a leaderless movement on the political right.

‘I’m going to talk with American voters. Period. It’s the same way as saying you’re going to meet with the tea party,’ he said in a rare moment of agitation. ‘Who’s the tea party? There’s hundreds of thousands of people out there.’
Source: Daily Mail

Here’s the audio:

To use the Tea Party as an excuse is disingenuous at best. Walker has long been a Tea Party darling. Of all the candidates, Walker is the one with the most Tea Party support, you can bet that if representatives from one of the Tea Party groups wanted to meet with Walker, his door would be wide open.

That leads us to the other thing: there are multiple Tea Party groups and while Black Lives Matter might be only loosely organized, they do have a single website with a unified and concrete agenda.

The reason Walker didn’t want to meet with Black Lives Matter had nothing to do with the Tea Party. It had nothing to do with the fact that they are a loose organization. It was all about the fact that they would expose him as the representative of white privilege that he is.

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