Scott Walker Gets Humiliated By Fake Supporters, A Brilliant Sign And A Twitter Spanking (TWEETS)

Scott Walker got played like a dumb looking, uneducated fiddle when a pair of activists approached him at a campaign function in New Hampshire, carrying a “Walker for President” sign and looking for a photo-op.

They got what they were looking for, and the looks on their faces are just priceless. Walker and his staff failed miserably to make sure there was nothing on the back of the sign, and just before the picture was snapped the sign was flipped, revealing the beauty of the ruse and that of so awesome look of satisfaction:

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I have to admit, I wish I had thought of it. A check for $900 million made out to Walker from the Koch Brothers is absolutely perfect. Nothing says “I can be bought” quite like the look of derp on Walker’s face as these youngsters make a complete fool of him.

Tyler McFarland, 23, and Giselle Hart, 20, were the culprits behind Walker’s punking. A part of an ever-growing group of young activists, The Washington Post reported that their acting job was magnificent. Apparently Ms. Hart was literally bouncing with excitement to meet the Governor.

Members of the group 350 Action, McFarland and Hart had accomplished their mission. A spokesperson for the group immediately sought out reporters to explain why they had targeted Walker for the photo bomb. “Scott Walker is the worst on climate change,” said Elaine Colligan, 21, “he’s for being bought out by the Koch Brothers.”

There can be little doubt that the younger generation is a powerful voice in national politics. Not only in person but on social media as well. When the picture hit Twitter, it was viral in minutes. Another activist took the shot from a different angle, but the look of joy from the young actors and the look of desperate and stupid from Walker remains unchanged:

When things like this happen it gives me faith in the youth of America. Way to go, 350 Action. Keep up the good work.

H/T: Addicting Info | Featured Image: Twitter

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