Scott Walker Accidentally Gives Dems A GREAT Reason To Vote Hillary And Nobody Can Stop Laughing

Scott Walker may be the governor of Wisconsin but Scott Walker is not a smart man.

Just one week until Election Day, Walker decided he would use his social media account to help get Donald Trump elected. Instead, he gave every single Democrat in the country more than enough of a reason to vote for Hillary. Oops.

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On his Twitter account, Walker tweeted a photo of Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama embracing, he captioned the moment “If you like the past 8 years, vote Hillary Clinton.”

In Walker’s right-wing bubble that may be a stinging critique. To most of America, that’s a great reason to vote Hillary. President Obama is currently seeing his favorability ratings surging. His presidency, and the accomplishments he’s made during it, are very popular. At this moment, Gallup found 54 percent of Americans said they approved of Obama. His popularity outstrips Republican icon Ronald Reagan at the same time during his presidency.

Lots of people like the past 8 years under Obama.

The internet was bemused by Walker’s tone-deaf plea.

Walker may need to get out more. His conservative echo chamber has him fooled into thinking posting a picture of Hillary standing next to the most popular president in modern history will hurt her. Instead, it’s a reminder to the country that there is only one serious candidate to vote for on Election Day. Thanks, Gov. Walker!

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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