Scott Baio Threatens To Sue Anyone Who Thinks He’s A Moron For Saying Obama Is A Secret Muslim

One-time relevant actor Scott Baio might just be Trump’s number one fan, and his penchant for litigation goes a long way towards explaining why. The pair certainly share an interest in threatening frivolous lawsuits towards anyone who gets under their razor thin skin.

This week Baio went from obscure trivia answer to national laughing stock when he appeared on Fox Business to float the idea that President Obama is a secret Muslim whose “end game” is to “totally eliminate the United States as it was created.” Baio’s evidence for these rather serious allegations: A few right-wing memes and the words of Donald Trump, who spent this week accusing Obama of cooperating with ISIS.

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When one accuses the President of the United States of treason, he or she might expect a bit of push back. But when it came, Baio became unglued and has been threatening to sue those on Twitter who are currently having a blast mocking him.

When a user attempted to show Baio how offensive it is to casually fling around unsubstantiated allegations, he missed the point entirely and responded by telling her she wasn’t allowed to “assume, think or hypothetically say” a joke about him or he would sue her for defamation. (Hint: This is not how the 1st Amendment works.)

He repeated his threat against her and added that he has “ALL of your info” – whatever that means.

Devoid of any self-awareness, Baio would go on to again accuse Obama of practicing “Sharia Law” and doubling down on the idea that the president was trying to destroy the country. Later, he was again sent into a rage spiral after more people began mocking his threats by fabricating things about him. (Doesn’t feel so hot, does it?)

Baio is yet another example of the double standards that right-wing celebrities have created for themselves. They can freely throw any manner of disgusting allegations at the President and his family with reckless abandon, but if met with even a single joke at their own expense, they fall apart. Baio is not the first to threaten lawsuits over unflattering tweets. Conservative actor James Woods infamously sued an anonymous twitter user for once suggesting he did cocaine. The case is currently still locked up in court. The defendant, whose identity is still unknown, has taken the opportunity to continue to mercilessly mock Woods by way of his or her attorney:

On Twitter, Mr. Woods enjoys calling strangers ‘clown,’ ‘rat,’ ‘scum’ and other epithets. Mr. Woods insults gay Americans and immigrants. He brags that he could murder a man whose shirt offends him. He claims a prominent publisher ‘whacks off’ to a picture of a terrorist. When Twitter users challenge him, he tells them to ‘put down your crack pipe.’ He’s mockingly accused at least three other Twitter users of using crack cocaine.

“Mr. Woods dishes it out, but he can’t take it. When not-famous, not-wealthy John Doe responded to a James Woods slur on Caitlyn Jenner and Planned Parenthood in kind, calling him a cocaine addict, Mr. Woods sued. [The defendant]’s suggestion that Mr. Woods was on drugs was not meant to be taken literally, just as Mr. Woods’ ‘put down your crack pipe’ and other mocking language was not serious.

In short, guys like Baio and Woods are feckless trolls who love to play the bully but don’t have the stomach to hear even light criticisms about themselves.

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