Scott Baio Continues His Quest To Become World’s Biggest A-Hole–Retweets Beheading Video

Scott Baio is proving he’s an even worse human being than he is an actor. For most of us, Baio effectively disappeared from our lives when Happy Days became a late-night TV Land rerun and Charles in Charge just…disappeared. Why this guy suddenly matters to conservatives has nothing to with him being famous and influential; it’s all about the message.

Baio’s message? Obama is a secret Muslim, Donald Trump will save America and all of Islam is evil. Basically, Baio is the semi-famous step-child of stupidity, using every single right-wing talking point and a name from the 70s and 80s to spread the hate Donald Trump requires to keep his numbers up. If you haven’t seen the video of Baio sounding your crazy uncle Rudy over Sunday dinner, prepare to do much pointing and laughing.

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Baio’s latest act of pure ignorance was to retweet a disgusting video of rare footage obtained of an archaic Saudi Execution. His intent was obviously to show the horrors of Islam, though the executions were reported to be carried out by the state, not a terrorist group, and the men killed weren’t identified or the reason for their sentence explained.

Nonetheless, Baio retweeted the graphic video, which was aimed at Paul Ryan by the original poster, obviously having no idea what he was looking at. Saudi Arabia has come under fire for executing 144 people by beheading them in 2015. By contrast, the US executed 28 people using various methods, making us no better at utilizing medieval eye-for-an-eye philosophy, though we weren’t quite as proficient at it.

The bottom line is, Scott Baio is in the midst of doing everything in his power to rejuvenate his career, probably hoping for a role in a Benghazi sequel movie or American Sniper 2: Mental Illness. His quest to rebrand himself into somebody people care about won’t be effective, however, because one of the pre-requisites for landing acting roles is the ability to act.

Out of respect for the dead and common decency, If You Only News won’t be posting the disgusting video Baio is using as anti-Muslim propaganda. It is far too graphic and disturbing. Should you absolutely have to see it you can find it here:

Saudi Beheading Video Re-Tweeted By Scott Baio

As an added bonus, Baio is also an insta-blocker on Twitter. If you’d like to be able to use the phrase “LOL–Scott Baio blocked me on Twitter,” go poke fun at him. You’re guaranteed a good laugh.

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