‘Scandal’ Creator Says Show Can’t Keep Up With How Crazy The Actual 2016 Election Is (VIDEO)

If you are a fan of ABC’s hit tv show Scandal and you have thought,”Geez this episode reminds me of the current real-life presidential race,” you are not alone.

On Thursday evening,  show creator Shonda Rhimes spoke at a Smithsonian Associates-organized event and said,”What I find crazy is that I feel like the election has been mirroring the stuff that we’ve been writing.”

As a Scandal fangirl, I have noticed the similarities between reality and fiction too. For instance, right now on the show, the characters are in the middle of a presidential primary race and the candidates are a lot like our current ones. The show features a billionaire business tycoon named Hollis Doyle who is running for the Republican nomination. Hollis is one of the show’s supervillains and when he announced his bid for the GOP ticket he sounded just like Donald Trump. He looked at an African-American child and said:

These kids are going to have to work hard, no shortcuts. If you’re some pesky little border crosser, sad little refugee begging for a handout, you will not be welcome! No, sir! This is America’s tomorrow, not yours!

The loudmouth billionaire is not the only character on the show who is like a current presidential candidate. Another is Senator Mellie Grant, the former first lady who is also running for the Oval Office. Rhimes told the group at the event that she has had to have her writers go back to the drawing board and re-write episodes:

It’s stunning for us to have that and then to have to go back to the writers room and pull a story line because it already happened. Next week we have a story line in our episode where I swear line for line it was said two or three days ago… I can’t believe it.

Kerry Washington, the actress who plays the show’s main character, Olivia Pope, has noticed the similarities too and says she is shocked by it:

For season after season people have talked about how big the plots are, how much that we extend the truth. They said that Scandal is almost operatic because it’s so surreal at times and the fact that this current election is mirroring that recording, it’s bigger than what we’re doing.

She’s right. Like many other shows, Scandal often has storylines that are so far-fetched they make you roll your eyes a little bit. But this season I’ve cringed because our reality has become as outrageous as the show. Donald Trump has turned the current presidential race into a television drama and that is pretty scary when you think about how close he is to the White House. I mean, we’d like to think that there is no chance in hell of him ever being elected, but like Hollis Doyle, he just keeps winning primaries. It’s very disturbing.

If you have no idea who I am talking about, watch Hollis Doyle’s speech below and tell us what you think in the comment section.

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