Scalia’s Appalling Defense Of Citizen’s United Shows Why A Liberal Replacement Is A Game Changer (VIDEO)

The sudden and unexpected death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia is one of those awkward situations where one doesn’t know the appropriate amount of joy to express. After all, Justice Scalia was a massively racist, sexist, homophobe whose high court position negatively impacted the lives of millions. But there might have been a point in his wretched life when he wasn’t such a giant pr*ck, like perhaps when he was a baby. But for the purpose of this article, we will just be focusing on his almighty d*ckish years as a Supreme Court Justice, including the fallout of Citizen’s United.

Justice Scalia voted in favor of Citizen’s United–an egregious legal decision that equated money with free speech, which opened the floodgates to an unlimited spending spree by corporations to buy the candidate of their choice.  In fact, it’s odd that Justice Scalia wished to be cremated when you consider how much he loved to bury democracy.

Nonetheless, Justice Scalia perpetually defended this horribly misbegotten decision on multiple occasions, absolutely refusing to give any such thought to the inequity behind it. As you can imagine, Scalia pulled everything he could find out of his a** to defend this monstrously pro-wall street decision.

Watch Justice Scalia’s Mind Blowing And Appalling Defense Of Citizen’s United Below:


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