#SaysWho Hashtag Takes Over Twitter In Mockery Of Trump’s Attorney And It’s Freaking Hilarious

Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, appeared on CNN for an interview on Wednesday and proceeded to make a total a** of himself. When host Brianna Keilar asked him about polls showing the Republican nominee losing to Hillary Clinton, things took a very unexpected and childish turn:

Keilar: You guys are down.

Cohen: Says who!

Kielar: Polls…most of them…all of them?

Cohen: Says who!

As usual, Twitter’s response did not let us down and the #SaysWho hashtag quickly took over, mocking Cohen’s jaw-droppingly stupid remark.

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Most people would assume that Cohen is hiding under a blanket of shame somewhere, deeply embarrassed of his epic fail. But you know what they say about assuming and most people would be wrong. Cohen thinks it was a good interview. A great interview. The best interview.

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