SAY WHAT? Fox Actually Suspends News Analysts For Guttermouthery, Shocking!

Stacey Dash and retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters have been suspended by Fox News for their comments regarding President Obama. The comments, which were described by Fox executive Bill Shine as “completely inappropriate and unacceptable,” according to CBS, were not just the usual brand of Fox News venom – they were foul-mouthed and particularly noxious.

Dash, former Clueless actress turn truly clueless political news analyst made her commentary on Fox’s Outnumbered. Dropping the S-bomb in an attempt to make her especially vapid opinion on his address to the nation on Sunday night seem somehow like a “zinger.” In her opinion the speech seemed to say that the “president could give a sh*t less about” terrorism.

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Lt. Col. Peters upped the ante from simple guttermouth to using antiquated, ignorant, terminology in his lackluster and totally off the mark commentary, calling the president a p*ssy. Some people are just so lost in the warmongering mindset that if you aren’t using nukes, or at least throwing young lives at it, you are a weakling. But anyone at his level of experience should know better than to pull down their pants and show their pasty rear the way he did, especially not on national television.

The two-week suspension from appearing on Fox network shows is only a slap on the wrist, and apparently not enough to make an impression on Dash. Dash Tweeted, “Consequences, some of us to pay them. Gladly,” in a transparent attempt to turn the whole thing into a publicity bump for herself.

America is not shocked that the caliber of people that Fox chooses to represent it on its various “news” shows would sink to this level. It is even less surprising that those same propaganda slingers would see their actions not as humiliating to the network and degrading to themselves but instead as a badge of honor. Maybe Fox will look into replacing their current analysts with ones that are capable of tact, or even just basic reasoning. It is highly doubtful, though, because, well it is Fox.

Here is the entire fox segment that wanders from the absurd to the vulgar with Stacey Dash: [youtube]

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