Satan Hands Out Ice Water: Conservative Forbes Truthful About Gun Safety Executive Orders

People in Hades are getting a drink of ice water as Forbes, typically a bastion of conservative ideals and propaganda, has been publishing the truth about President Obama lately, much to the chagrin of its readers.

Last week Forbes posted an article about how the Affordable Care Act is actually helping job growth in America.  I almost fell over.

After reading some posts on conservative Facebook pages about the President’s recent executive orders about gun safety, I decided to do some digging into just how many guns the government would be confiscating, how many law-abiding citizens would be refused a firearm, and how many doctors would be forced to implant ID chips in patients they deemed a danger to themselves or others.  This meme, posted on the hate page Nation In Distress, was the inspiration for the search:

The result wasn’t surprising, as the answer is undoubtedly zero on all counts.  What is surprising was the source of my information: Forbes.

In an article from January, Forbes contributor Rick Ungar laid out the President’s executive orders and found that none of them infringes on anyone’s constitutional rights, nor do they represent any sort of government over reach.

Ungar’s profile states clearly that he writes from the left, and directly underneath that a Forbes disclaimer notes that contributors’ opinions are their own, but that doesn’t change the fact that Forbes, a publication that in the past wouldn’t be caught dead offering a dissenting opinion, published an article that supports the President’s position on gun safety.

Ungar has been writing for Forbes for slightly over a year.  Apparently the magazine has decided to stray from the conservative strategy that nobody but a corporate shill needs to be heard.

While Ungar appears to be much closer to center than many liberals would enjoy, his articles on a conservative site are a breath of fresh air.

H/T: Rick Ungar on Forbes | Image: Facebook


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