Sarah Silverman Brought Out All The Religious Bigots With A Single Tweet

As usual, Christian conservatives can’t take a joke, so they are rushing to smite Sarah Silverman on Jesus’ behalf over one Merry Christmas tweet.

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As you can imagine, it did not sit well with more vocal elements of Twitter’s regressively Christian contingent. Responses were varied, from quasi-death threats to attempts to convert her to Christianity.

As always, the anti-Semites and their expansive list of jokes that all involve the word “oven” can be relied upon to make an appearance. What better way can you say “I disagree” than to suggest a person be burned alive during an act of genocide?

To follow up on the threats of being burned alive, we have a genius who knows exactly how the afterlife will turn out for Sarah.

Less life threatening, but still just as bigoted, a couple people said that Judaism is flawed, and Jesus would save Sarah from herself if she would allow him the chance.

Somehow the tweet she sent in 2015 was responsible for the fact she and Jimmy Kimmel broke up years earlier.

This guy needs to be told that Jesus is in the Quran as well, because what he is saying doesn’t exactly make sense. Worrying about Muhammad is like worrying about John the Baptist.

As usual, Christ’s followers feel the need to rush to the defense of someone who supposedly created the universe in 6 days. He can do this fine, but when it comes to a tweet then it’s suddenly much more serious. I wonder if he would be ok with their wishes for her death and hopes that he will make her burn in hell forever.

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