Sarah Palin’s Twisted World: Everyone Would Be Like Trump If Only They ‘Had A Microphone’ (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin continued in her quest of being a caricature of the ultimate Tea Party nut last week when she went on Fox News’ On The Record with Greta Van Susteren to defend Donald Trump’s immigration plan. In response to being asked if Trump’s claim that he can build a wall and get Mexicans to pay for it is possible, Palin enthusiastically exclaims:

Heck yeah it’s possible. His immigration policy and these common sense plans of his that most Americans, I believe, have been thinking just not being able to say because we don’t have a microphone like he does [emphasis added].

Palin must have hit her head and missed a few things, like microphones being everywhere.

Wow. I must have missed something – like the time machine that took everyone back a couple of decades to a time before most Americans had personal laptops or home computers with microphones, and at the very least access to create social media accounts, blogs, podcasts, vlogs and YouTube channels. Don’t get me wrong; there are obviously plenty of people, mostly within the Republican Party, who support Trump and his immigration plan. However, to claim that most Americans haven’t been able to say what they’ve been thinking because of lack of access to a microphone or ability to broadcast their thoughts is downright absurd. Then again, shouting the absurd has pretty much been Palin’s M.O. for years now.

Sarah Palin: The great constitutionalist, except when she’s not.

Palin makes her second big blunder before the first minute of the interview is over. Again in reference to the wall across the Mexican border and Trump’s immigration plan as a whole, she states:

It’s a real shot in the arm to constitutionalist and conservatives who want America to be put first.

Except nowhere in the Constitution does it mention building a big wall. As to the rest of the immigration plan, Palin must either be referring to a copy of the Constitution that was written before 1866, or one of an entirely different country. Apparently, no one ever told Palin that what is mentioned very specifically in first section the 14th Amendment is what constitutes a citizen:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

This diametrically opposes a very key part of Trump’s immigration plan – to take away birthright citizenship. Perhaps what Palin meant to say is not that Trump’s plan is a “shot in the arm,” and idiom for encouragement, but is a shot in the head to constitutionalist’s ideals.

When the host directly asks Palin later in the interview about changing how citizenship is granted, Palin begins babbling almost incoherently about how all Republicans are going to be painted as heartless regarding how they deal with the children. Palin goes on to claims that by holding the children responsible for the actions of the parents and making them “get in line,” they are actually protecting the sanctity of the family unit.

Sometimes, I wonder if Palin is secretly an evil genius out to prove that if you repeat something often enough, no matter how false or ridiculous, people will start to believe it. Before I can start to get too into that theory though, I watch a video like the one below and am forced to conclude that she really is just an idiot.

Watch Sarah Palin’s hilarious-if-it-weren’t-so-scary brown-nosing of Donald Trump’s immigration plan:


Featured image via video screen capture from YouTube 



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