Sarah Palin’s Trump Rally Went So Wrong She’s Being Accused Of Being On ‘Bad LSD’ (VIDEO)

Trump has to be regretting this decision. He determined that Sarah Palin is a must-have accessory for his presidential campaign. As a result, she is giving what are technically “speeches” to convince people to support him. How drunk he must have been to think that was a good idea is hard to say, as you will see in this video of her speech below.

This is another example of why it’s still a legitimate opinion for someone to suggest Trump’s campaign is a huge prank. Just watch Sarah in this video.

Her speech is nothing short of astounding – and no that isn’t meant in a good way. Even the folks at Morning Joe, normally a Trump fan club of right-wing praise, completely savaged her. It’s rare that a TV show will say such direct and seriously insulting things about a person, but they did not spare Sarah this time, with good reason.

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Watch Sarah Palin make America dumber again below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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