Sarah Palin’s Support Actually Hurting Hog-Castrating, Backwoods GOP Candidate Joni Ernst

It’s difficult not to hear banjos playing when one watches one of Joni Ernst‘s campaign ads, mostly because there are actual banjos playing. In one ad, Ernst lays out her qualification for being Iowa’s next Senator: She knows how to castrate a pig, which is apparently more than enough to earn her the loyalty of the state’s GOP.

In true Deliverance fashion, Ernst promised to “make ’em squeal” once she gets to Washington — but she may be the one on the receiving end of a proverbial hillbilly…Well, you’ve seen Deliverance.

The Koch brothers and Sarah Palin have thrown their collective weight behind the Mighty Hog Gelder and, while some may see this as a positive sign, voters do not necessarily agree. A new Iowa poll has revealed that voters largely disapprove of backwoods brawler Sarah Palin and the Kochs’ backing of would-be Senator Ernst.

Source: DesMoines Register

Source: Des Moines Register

By more than a 2-1 margin, voters say that Koch brothers support hurts more than it helps, with 50 percent saying that their backing of the candidate harms, and only 21 percent indicating that the support of the billionaire industrialists who helped create the AstroTurf movement known as the Tea Party helps Ernst.

Unsurprisingly, Sarah Palin’s endorsement is more likely to hurt, as well. A whopping 56 percent say that Palin’s support will hurt Ernst’s chances at winning, while only 30 percent say that The Quitta From Wasilla’s support will help.

The Des Moines Register‘s analysis of the poll explains that Ernst and her Democratic opponent Bruce Braley have similar favorability ratings, with 47 percent of voters having “favorable” opinions of Ernst and 43 percent finding her “unfavorable.”

Braley is currently in slightly lower standing with voters, with 44 percent saying they like him, and 43 percent having “unfavorable” opinions.

While both candidates have made steady gains, Register pollster J. Ann Selzer says that “Braley’s catching up.” In any case, it is a tight race; the two candidates are now within one point of each other, with Ernst at 47 percent and Braley at 46.

Is the Koch brand’s effectiveness finally wearing thin? Are Republicans seeing the evil billionaires for what they are? Is Sarah Palin’s backwoods “wisdom” finally leaving a bad taste in even the most delusional of Tea-drinking sociopaths?

Only time will tell — but this coming election is set to be a rude awakening to the GOP and their hateful supporters, whether they enjoy “cutting pork” or not.

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