Sarah Palin Says She’s Suing Rapper Azealia Banks For Defaming Her (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin recently had a bizarre run-in with a controversial part-time rapper named Azealia Banks on Sunday. Banks is known for such controversies as calling paparazzi gay slurs, calling airline attendants gay slurs, and demanding that the U.S. pay $100 trillion to black people in slavery reparations.

Banks read an article which claimed Palin said:

Even the french understand slavery wasn’t our fault, because negros liked it.

Banks tweeted her strong reaction on Twitter in which she called for the former Alaska governor to have a “train” run on her by “the biggest burliest blackest negros,” among other colorful sexual suggestions. She also called for the gang rape to be filmed and put on Worldstar. Be warned the image below contains very graphic language.

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Unfortunately, Banks fell for a sophisticated prank. The website that wrote the story which made her upset is called Newslo.

Newslo is a hybrid satire site, meaning they mix factual information from real stories with made up quotes. And to make things even more confusing, sometimes they write non-satirical articles.

Palin immediately shot back at Banks on Facebook in a post which read.

Hey Female Rapper – listen up, little darling. No one has any idea what you’re wigging out about in these bizarre, violent rants against me, but you’re obviously not exercising enough intelligence to acknowledge you’ve been sucked into believing some fake interview in which I supposedly offered comments representing the antithesis of my truth.
In this life, you’re blessed to have been given an influential platform.

So have I. Why don’t we strengthen both our platforms and work together on something worthwhile – like condemning racism, along with empowering young women to defend themselves against a most misogynist, degrading, devastating assault perpetrated by evil men – rape.

Thanks. And now I’ll go through my young daughter’s playlist to make sure there hasn’t been any inadvertent addition of any anti-woman, pro-rape garbage that you seem to endorse, which perpetuates the cultural challenges we face in America. I encourage other parents to do the same.

God bless you Ms. Banks, as you consider a change of heart.

– Sarah Palin

It’s very rare to associate the word “classy” with Sarah Palin, however, in this case, she did handle Banks’ unwarranted attack in a very classy manner. And someone in hell is checking the thermostat, it’s a bit chilly.

After learning of her error, Banks has since deleted her original tweets, but instead of showing contrition and apologizing like any decent human being should do. She decided to go a different route when she took a page from Palin’s favorite presidential candidate’s playbook and doubled down on her rhetoric.

In an attempt to justify her rape comments, Banks tweeted to Mediaite that Palin should still be raped because “she has so much to say about what black people think. She deserves it. It would be good for her.” She followed that up with another tweet which said, “Maybe then she’ll be able to finish a sentence, and put thoughts together correctly.”

But, there are now reports that Palin plans to sue Banks. Palin told People magazine:

I’ve had enough of the unanswered threats and attacks against my family and me,” Palin said of Banks’ NSFW social media suggestion that the former governor should be sexually assaulted. “So, for the first time I’m going to enjoy the only retribution some protected ‘celebrities’ seem to understand – I’m suing Azealia Banks and can’t wait to share my winnings with others who have gone defenseless against lies and dangerous attacks far too long.

This statement apparently made Banks change her tune fast. The rapper issued a very long letter of apology to the former governor shortly Palin’s threat became public, which read in part:

Dear Sarah Palin,

I hope this message reaches you in good spirits and in good health. I want to start this letter off by telling you that I actually, really like you. While many other American people may see you as someone to be ridiculed, I truly believe that you possess a certain ‘je ne sais quoi,’ (a french term which is often interpreted to denote one’s inexplicable charisma.) Given a bit of book-reading/media-training/patience, that charisma could become your magic carpet. There is something very charismatic and misunderstood about you. The misunderstood bit oftentimes reminds me of myself. You’re very passionate about the things you believe in, super determined, and most certainly aware of who you are and where you stand in this world, as a parent, as a politician, but most importantly, as a woman.

Now, that was some world class backtracking. You can read the rest of Banks’ letter here.

It’s rare that Palin gets in the right when in comes to, well anything. But try not to feel too sorry for the professional Donald Trump coattail rider, because rest assured this incident will soon be eclipsed by another world famous backward, incoherent, “homestyle” Palin rant.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Azealia Banks for proving she can out-ignorant even Sarah Palin. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Here’s a video on this story.

Here’s a video talking about Palin’s lawsuit.

Featured image mashup attribution Mark Wilson/Getty and screengrab via YouTube.

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