Sarah Palin Shares Anti-Obama Meme, Right Wingers Go Full Racist (SCREENSHOTS)

Sarah Palin once again showed her seriously poor judgment when it comes to sensitive issues when she shared a meme from Mad World News’ Facebook page on her own Facebook page. She undoubtedly thought it was funny, while at the same time raising a valid point, but instead, all she did in sharing it was prove just how tone-deaf she is.

Mad World News is a right-wing site that published a piece about Sarah Palin’s use of the image. They claimed that Sarah Palin is a mere victim in liberal news outlets’ “war on conservative women.” The sad fact is that women like Palin, Michele Bachmann, Marsha Blackburn, Anne Coulter, Nancy Grace, Joni Ernst, and more, make all women look bad. That’s why liberal media outlets write so much about them.

But Sarah Palin and the right aren’t known for either their intelligence or their ability to handle sensitive issues (like racism) appropriately. Mad World News said that the meme isn’t about Ferguson or Obama’s statement on the situation there, and is simply getting on the President’s case for his executive order on immigration. They’re upset that Mediaite accused Palin of taking aim at Obama for Ferguson.

However, it actually takes aim at all three, which is probably what made Sarah Palin share it.

The comments the photo received are just as ignorant and offensive, which is to be expected from anybody who believes her tripe. And many commenters thought it was about Ferguson, and race, so what does that say about them?

One person agreed but doesn’t want people calling her out as a “racist cracker” for thinking that:


Another had something to say about Brown’s stepfather.


A few more people also shared their uninformed opinions on topics like “undocumented shopping,”


… Obama’s “brothers,”


…the invasion of various brown people,


…on crime,


…the usual claptrap about Brown being a thug who deserved what he got,


…and finally, this gem (remember! Liberals are the true racists!):


The response was very similar on Mad World News. Worse, when they wrote about Sarah Palin’s use of the meme, they said she has “an intelligent following,” and so she obviously didn’t need to explain the joke. What they (and everyone who’s saying it’s true) fail to realize is that it’s not a joke, no matter what it meant. Not to mention that they also failed to notice that an a lot of her supposedly intelligent followers didn’t get it.

This isn’t about political correctness. It also isn’t about the alleged “joke.” It’s about understanding that some jokes aren’t appropriate, especially for people on the national stage. Of course, the right has a skewed idea of what freedom of speech means, so it’s only natural that they would also have a skewed idea of what’s appropriate to say, and what isn’t, in regards to sensitive issues (like immigration, race, and Ferguson).

This is the whole image:


Image via screenshot from Facebook

Tell us that’s just a funny joke and we’re taking it too seriously.

H/T Opposing Views | Featured image by David Shankbone – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons | Facebook comments via screenshot

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