Sarah Palin Reveals The One Circumstance Where She’d Vote For An Atheist (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin hates atheists. We know that. Hell (pun sort of intended), the entire Republican party hates atheists, but there is one thing Palin and Republicans hate more: Muslims.

Of course, we all know that the Constitution prohibits a religious test for holding elected office, but that doesn’t stop Palin and her party from telling voters that atheists would be unfit for office. There is one circumstance, though, where Palin would vote for an atheist: if the alternative is a Muslim who literally verbalizes their desire to kill Americans. I guess Muslims who only secretly want to kill Americans are still preferable to atheists, at least in Palin’s spiral-shaped brain.

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In an interview with CNN, Palin said:

Oof, gosh,” Palin stuttered at the idea of voting for an atheist. “If it all came down to that versus someone who believed in a religion that was hell-bent on destroying those who didn’t agree with their religion, who would literally want to kill those, the infidels who would not say, ‘Okay, I would go along with you,’ then I would.”

“Which means, anybody who is sympathetic to what’s going on today with Muslims terrorists, who would crucify children and behead women and stop at nothing to try to destroy us and Israel and our allies, I’d choose an atheist over that!

Here’s the video:

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