Sarah Palin Mysteriously Leaves Trump At The Lectern Alone In Iowa Following Sons DV Arrest

Sarah Palin’s statement that Donald Trump is “going rogue all over the place” now has a new meaning as the vacuous reality star and Republican talking head “went rogue” and stood Donald Trump up at an expected appearance in Iowa.

The former (quitter) Governor of Alaska and vice-presidential candidate announced her support of the leading GOP Clown, Donald Trump on Tuesday. Trump’s camp told people to expect a “very special guest” to be with him in Iowa. The sad little Donald, however, was alone at his lectern.

He bashed Ted Cruz, and regurgitated his talking points but Palin was nowhere to be seen. The witless word-salad weaver, now all but assured a place in Trump’s campaign (Cheese Girl, maybe?), may have been pulled off the campaign trail for many reasons — her son Track was arrested for Domestic Violence. In a CNN appearance on Wednesday following her missed appearance she didn’t even mention her missed appearance.

It is odd that she wouldn’t offer an explanation, but then again Republicans often bury their head in the sand and pretend no one can see them by ignoring issues that they want to die quietly. Trump’s Camp has not said anything about the no-show yet either, and it isn’t like him not to run his mouth.

The only real bright side of the Trump/Palin pairing is the comedic potential, as the idea of the Fascist dumbbell duo in the White House is horrific. Though if Palin is going to make a habit of missing public appearances it doesn’t really seem to make sense for her to have endorsed him. However, since not much that Sarah Palin touches makes much sense and not much Trump says actually means anything, expecting anything coming out of the pairing to be comprehensible or have anything to do with reality would be grandiose at best.

Feature image via screen capture from Youtube


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