Sarah Palin Makes Rambling Speech At Trump Rally And Tina Fey Is Going To Have A Field Day (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin made a surprise appearance at the Trump rally in San Diego Friday, and as you can imagine it was over 10 minutes of pure insanity!

She doesn’t have a drink with her on-stage, but she sounds like she slammed a few before coming out there because honestly — it’s one of those mixed up “word salad” speeches again, and I hate that term, but it truly is exactly that! What the HELL is she even talking about??

From what can be deciphered as actual English, she starts out slamming the media,

And media, you know, their head is still a-spinnin’. What you have tried to do to Donald Trump and to all of his supporters has only proven that we were right. Do you know how thoroughly distrusted you are, mainstream media? Well, he is now though, he is now we the people’s nominee. So suck it up, cupcake.

I mean… what or who is she even talking to??

She goes on to call Donald Trump a “Golden Wrecking Ball” (can’t wait for more of those memes). Watch that part via Politico here:

She then finally sinks her bat-sh*t crazy claws into President Obama, calling him “stupid” and accusing his Economic Summit and subsequent visit to Hiroshima an “apology lap” and a slap in the face to all veterans. I wonder if Sarah even realizes that this visit was one designed to honor ALL who were lost in the war?

She also talked about Obama’s speech at the summit where he voiced concern over Trump’s candidacy and acknowledged that world leaders were rattled.

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Sarah had this to say about that:

Oh rattled now. Well maybe it’s time things get a rattlin’

There is so much more I could say, but really you just have to see it. Watch the rest of what I can only describe as Sarah Palin waving her Tea Party freak flag here:

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