Sarah Palin Goes BALLISTIC After Reporter Asks Her To Pre-Write A Reaction To Clinton Victory

Since Sarah Palin is like herpes and will never quite go away, people in the media still seem interested in her and her famous word salads. For whatever reason (trolling?), the Washington Post recently asked the quitting snow grifter to  write an op-ed piece on the significance of Hillary Clinton being picked as the first woman president should she win the Nov. 8 election. Palin was among a number of women invited to write pieces reflecting, in some personal way, on the meaning and significance of the election of the first woman as president.

“Obviously, a Clinton victory is not assured,” cautioned Michael Larabee, the op-ed editor for the Washington Post. “But we’re hoping to gather the essays in advance so we can share them quickly if she is elected.”

This is when the verbal diarrhea really hit the floor. She took her word salad game to new heights:

Media mocks Trump’s “rigged election” warning to its own peril.

More evidence in my inbox, this time from the Washington Post requesting I write an op-ed commemorating their coronation of Hillary – 10 days from now. This is hilarious!

Good ol’ reliable WaPo – continuing its embarrassing fail that’s reminiscent of their forced correction after irresponsibly, absurdly claiming I joined Al Jazera; announcing to the world their goal was to not mention my name in print for an entire month (oh, what a blessed month that was!) and relentlessly suggesting my (and other Conservatives) irrelevancy in national discourse – assuming I’d participate in their in-the-tank shenanigans for the Globalists.

No, Mr. WaPo Editor, can’t say I’m interested in writing for you. But I’d love a copy of your pre-printed post-election edition shipped to me in Alaska. Your bold “Clinton Defeats Trump” headline will be framed right next to another old rag we’re all familiar with…

There has to be a statute of limitation on the victim card, which Sarah has been using for 8 years. Ever since she lost, it’s been one aggrevieved statement after another. Now she is doing double duty: Falsely claiming the Washington Post is “coronating” Hillary (they weren’t) and falsely claiming they are out to get her (they aren’t).

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