Sarah Palin Drunk Facebooks AGAIN And It’s A Word Salad Extraordinaire

Sarah Palin is back with a new Facebook post and it’s got all the Palin hallmarks — by which I mean it’s utterly incoherent and I can’t figure out what she’s saying, so someone help me translate this mess, please.

RINOs, CNN, and Sharia — Oh My!

When we last left off on Adventures With America’s Dumbest Half-Term Governor, Palin had quit her internet TV channel for a life of military strategy. In her inimical wisdom, Palin informed us that her strategy to fight Daesh is to tell us that we need a strategy, and we need to stop being “namby-pamby.”

It’s the sort of things that make accomplished, four-star generals weep and gnash their teeth in fury, because they didn’t think of it first.

Presumably, she’s continuing that trend in her latest Facebook post. I’d sure love to make fun of it, but it’s difficult to make fun of something you can’t understand (full text below):

Sarah Palin Facebook

Gov’t Isn’t Sifting Pro-Americans From Those Following Sharia Law, Which Conflicts With, and Actually HATES, Our Constitution and Ethics. SHARIA LAW DESTROYS AMERICA

So understand the gist of a temporary ban on those unvetted, just like Jimmy Carter was praised for doing during the Iran crisis. Remember? (Make liberals and RINOs explain their praise for that action, while blistering today’s proposal by Donald Trump to do the same.) Think, America! This is an American security issue, not a religious issue. Trump and Rand Paul are appropriately explaining this despite a “politically correct” uninformed cultural (and White House) filter that’s used by the media to keep low-information voters in the dark. You’re smarter than they give you credit for, America. And you certainly deserve better. Thank you for seeking truth! I hope to prove more “truth” on CNN next week. (Stand by for that.)

Please look at this link, forwarded to me from a great friend. Note that she asks something of us:

Governor Palin, please look at the vote at the bottom of this!

– Sarah Palin

Yep. Those are words. I’m sure they’re supposed to mean something, I just can’t figure out what.

I’m an amateur linguist; I speak Portuguese and English, as well as some Spanish, French, German, Ukrainian. I’ve exposed myself to a huge amount languages ranging from Swahili to Evenki. But Sarah Palin has managed to hit me in a blind spot since “Stupid” appears nowhere on that list.

But who knows, maybe she’ll clarify when she proves more “truth” on CNN next week. Or maybe she’ll ramble incoherently. Caribou Barbie doesn’t seem to think the two are mutually exclusive.

Feature image via DonkeyHotey on Flickr

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