Sarah Palin Defends Right-Wing A-hole Curt Schilling, Blames Obama For His Firing

America’s least favorite grifter has had some epic moments of frightening stupidity and willful ignorance. From her eyes flashing lambent when a news reporter ask her to cite a single newspaper she reads, to when she thought drinking diet Dr. Pepper was the ice bucket challenge, she has shown herself to be a complete and utter moron who’s devoid of a functioning brain stem.  These days, she typically spends her time blaming President Obama for pretty much everything that happens to be irritating her at the time.

Proving that all of her time goes towards blaming President Obama for the dumbest sh*t, Palin went on an anti-Obama crusade over ESPN firing Curt Schilling, another right-wing a-hole who also managed to have a job.


Schilling has a nasty past of posting and saying very right-wing things on ESPN, so perhaps they just finally had enough in the wake of his especially graphic tirade against transgender people on Facebook.

For those of us with a fully functioning brain stem, we all know that President Obama had virtually nothing to do with Schilling’s firing. But in the fragile eggshell mind of the snow grifter, President Obama is the reason for everything wrong that happens in her sad personal life and for everything that she doesn’t like. Like I’m surprised she didn’t blame Obama for getting Bristol knocked up. There truly is no end to her psycho-babble.

Of course, the latest Palin outburst pales in comparison to her past. For example, her drunken, word salad rebuttal to Elizabeth Warren’s powerful speech regarding the minimum wage really stands out the most. The only possible way to understand Sarah Palin and all her Palindromes is to combine two equal parts acid, with two equal parts turpentine, then drink it down with Kool-aid and you’ll be blaming Obama for irrelevant stuff too.

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