Sarah Palin Begs Trump To Pick Her For Vice President: I’m ‘As Vetted As Anybody!’ (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin is ready to be your vice presidential candidate, America, so I hope you’re ready. I can’t think of a better capstone for this election season than a Trump-Palin ticket. It’s not the ticket America wants or needs, but if the Republicans are right, it’s the one we deserve.

I’m beginning to think these people hate this country.

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“Vetted As Anybody!”

The Republican primary has been a primary characterized by big egos and small minds. Now that Trump has secured the nomination, the only major question remaining — aside from “what the hell is wrong with you people? It didn’t even take a Reichstag this time” — is “who’s gonna get the VEEP nod?”

Alan West bravely stepped to the plate last month, noting that even though it was against his instinct to seek office — despite doing it twice — he wouldn’t turn down a VP nod.

Now, it’s Palin’s turn, who’s apparently here to collect on Trump’s earlier consideration to make her some part of his administration.

Oh yes, you read that right: the reason John McCain’s campaign tanked in 2006 is back in the media, practically begging Donald Trump to make her the Vice Presidential candidate.

C’mon people, she killed a pig for you. What more do you want?

While speaking with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Palin assured America that she was “as vetted as anybody in the country could be vetted” and “I think there are so many other great people out there in American that could serve in this position.”

This is not how you pitch yourself for a job position. I mean, it’s absolutely true — an orangutan would be more capable — but if you went into a job interview and said, “I can do your job, but there are so many other great people who can serve in this position,” would you be shocked when you don’t get called back for round two?

Palin went on:

I think if somebody wanted to choose me, they already know who I am, what I stand for. They wouldn’t be in for any surprises.

No, this is very true. If you’re stupid enough to choose Palin, you know exactly what you’re getting — and you deserve all of it.

She even elucidated what you’d be getting:

I want to help and not hurt, and I am such a realist that I realize there are a whole lot of people out there who say, ‘Anybody but Palin.’ I wouldn’t want to be a burden on the ticket and I recognize that in many, many eyes, I would be that burden.

So, you know, I just want the guy to win. I want America to win.

Trump is not America. Thank God for that.

Watch Palin beg for Trump to nominate her below:


Featured image via Sarah Palin TV screen shot

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