Sarah Palin And Her White Trash Friends Get TORCHED For Disrespecting Hillary Clinton’s White House Portrait

It’s bad enough they were even allowed to step foot in the White House.

But Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent also decided to stand in front of Hillary Clinton’s portrait and completely disrespect it.

When two gay activists raised their middle fingers toward Ronald Reagan’s White House portrait a few years ago, conservatives threw a collective temper tantrum over it. They complained for days about the utter lack of respect shown toward Reagan. Of course, Reagan’s inaction during the AIDS epidemic during his presidency understandably angers many people.

However, two gay activists from Philadelphia is not the same as three people who are public figures. Nugent and Kid Rock are both musicians and Palin is a former vice-presidential candidate.

As such, they are and should be held to a higher standard.

Sarah Palin was invited to the White House by Donald Trump, who told her to bring some friends. For some reason, she chose Nugent, a man who shit his pants to avoid serving his country in Vietnam and later wrote an ode to pedophilia, and Robert Ritchie (Kid Rock), an alcoholic who has committed assault and battery and has a sex tape.

Seriously, these people got to pal around in the Oval Office. It’s disgraceful.

But the trio did more than that. Instead of just acting like adults for the day, they decided to act like complete jackasses by mocking Hillary Clinton’s White House portrait. Hillary Clinton has a White House portrait because she was the First Lady. And a classy First Lady at that, unlike Melania Trump, whom you can find nude photos of simply by running a search on Google.

In the photo, Nugent holds his thumb out as if to say Clinton is “outta here” while Palin had a look of disgust on her face. Ritchie merely folded his arms across his chest in disdain.

Here’s the photo via Facebook:

Of course, conservatives are cheering about this utter lack of disrespect even though they would have thrown a massive hissy fit had three liberal celebrities done the same to a portrait of a Republican First Lady.

Most Americans, however, did not appreciate Palin and her friends’ disrespect of a former First Lady.

Again, Sarah Palin is a quitter and grifter who will never work in the White House. Ted Nugent is a racist who has a thing for underage girls. And Kid Rock is the poster boy for who the war on drugs should be waged against. Donald Trump degraded the White House by inviting these three losers to visit and he should be ashamed of himself for once again demonstrating why America is a laughingstock around the world.

Featured Image: Facebook

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