Sarah Huckabee Sanders F*cking UNBELIEVABLY Awful Defense Of Trump’s Mika Tweets (VIDEO)

On Thursday, Donald Trump truly became the President. He bravely stood up to the FAKE NEWS media by tweeting about MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski having blood coming out of her wherever — “wherever” in this case being her face.

While the LAMEEstream media is presenting this as a horrible incident of cyber-bullying, White House spokesidiot Sarah Huckabee Sanders says that Trump was just pushing back because the tortured little snowflake is being “bullied by the liberal media.”

“This is a president who fights fire with fire and certainly will not be allowed to be bullied by the liberal media,” Sanders told right-wing propaganda network Fox News.

“Look, I don’t think that the president’s ever been someone who gets attacked and doesn’t push back. There have been an outrageous number of personal attacks, not just to him but to frankly everyone around him,” she added.

These “attacks” include the publishing or dissemination of any facts that are inconvenient or damaging to Trump.

That anyone associated with Trump would even consider defending this reprehensible attack on one of his critics speaks volumes about this administration.

Watch it below:

Featured image via screengrab

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