Bernie Sanders Wins His 2nd GOP Debate With A Twitter Account And A Couple Of Zingers (TWEETS)

Republican debates were fun at first. We laughed at the stupidity, played keyword drinking games and marveled at just how idiotic an entire political party could be. After Thursday night’s 623rd debate (or so it seemed), the fun was gone. Listening to these a**holes spout fear and rhetoric about how weak the country is and about how much better off we were in 2008 is just sickening at this point.

While there were a few interesting moments, all in all the latest in the GOP’s attempts to spread their propaganda and smear Hillary Clinton was nothing but a rehash of debates one through…infinity. At times like that, when you want to stop watching but you find you just can’t — because stupid is all-consuming — thank goodness we have Senator Bernie Sanders and his Twitter account to save us from gouging out our own eyeballs and buying a ticket to Canada for January 2017 just in case one of these imbeciles wins.

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Sanders has become the Democratic favorite to win the GOP debates, at least in my book, because his entire goal during them is to enrage the candidates and their base with those pesky facts he likes to tout about. As Trump was busy talking about polls and John Kasich announced that a Bernie Sanders nomination would sew up a Republican win, Sanders tweeted:

The amount of time the candidates spent trashing Bernie and his ideas destroyed with a single tweet. Go figure. Bernie wasn’t done there. He knows just how to get under the skin of the GOP front-runner Donald Trump:

There’s a good possibility that Trump, after being booed for being an idiot (finally), went out drinking and passed out somewhere far from social media, since he still hasn’t addressed the attacks against him. Bernie wasn’t alone, either. Democratic rival but believer in a common cause — the destruction of GOP —  Hillary Clinton had a little tweeting fun of here own:

If only there was some way to step into every racist Trump supporter’s head and make them understand that immigrants and refugees aren’t our enemies. Unfortunately, that’s not possible, as the party of white power continues to cruise along towards extinction.

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