Bernie Sanders’ Wife Defends Hillary Against Trump’s Nasty Attacks In MSNBC Interview (VIDEO)

Practicing what you preach hasn’t exactly been the hallmark of modern American politics, but it appears that we are seeing a revival of humanity in the 2016 brawl for the White House. The New Hampshire Democratic winner, Bernie Sanders, is in the news again, well his wife is and considering the history of tit-for-tat attacks in Washington the pair is breaking the mold.

Bernie’s wife Jane, who has been called Sanders’ secret weapon, defended Hillary Clinton from Donald Trump’s latest spurious attack calling her “evil.” This moment of adulting in American politics was captured on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell. During the interview the Democratic candidate’s wife matter of factly called Hillary a great first lady and put her in the same category as Eleanor Roosevelt.

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When asked by Mitchell if she agreed with this latest of Trump’s attacks calling Hillary Clinton “evil,” Jane’s answer not only illustrates that the Sanders’ camp is committed to the clean campaign they are running, but just plain restores faith in humanity.

No, No. Absolutely not. We’ve known Bill and Hillary for years. And we’re not friends, but colleagues. That has no place in politics today, I don’t think, Bernie doesn’t think. We think that the most important thing we can do is to lead by example, to treat others as we would have them treat us, and I hope that it is reciprocal. We’re not going to play that game.

Bernie Sanders’ greatest collaborator has now laid down the gauntlet in showing the American people how you deal with bullies, like Trump, you stand up against them. You treat them with all the respect deserved by those affected by your actions, and you never, ever sink to the level of your opponent — they are quite capable of beating you with experience once you have joined them.

Thank you, Jane, for showing America that class still belongs in politics.

Enjoy the MSNBC interview here:

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