Sanders’ Momentum Results in Iowa TIE: Clinton Literally Wins By 6 Coin Tosses

Bernie Sanders’ brought reality to Hillary Clinton’s doorstep in Iowa, and that reality is that America appears to be ready for his self-described Democratic Socialist ideas. Facing off against the juggernaut of the heavily-funded Clinton campaign, many did not believe that Sanders had a snowball’s chance in hell of even getting close to her numbers in Iowa, let alone reach a tie, but that is exactly what happened.

Ultimately, money literally gave Hillary Clinton the win, and extra delegates over Bernie Sanders, just not in the way that many of his supporters had feared. In at least 6 precincts Sanders and Clinton tied, but due to Iowa rules those precincts were decided by a coin toss. Those 6 coin tosses could ultimately award Hillary Clinton the 6 unearned extra delegates from the state and being declared the “winner” by just four delegates.

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Watch one of the coin tosses:

In case you are surprised that something as serious as this can be decided by a coin toss, there are actually 35 states in which a tied race can be decided this way.

While Clinton may have “won”, Iowa showed Democrats around the country that she can be beaten. Bernie Sanders “lost” in a way that could definitely put a fire under his supporters now that they know that his message is resonating with the people. His campaign has been all about everyday Americans since the beginning, is funded by those same individuals, and now those volunteers know that all the effort can pay off.

That Clinton continues to “evolve” towards the populist ideas of the Sanders, changing her positions on universal healthcare and other key points, shows just exactly how much she realizes that Sanders’ message is resonating with the American people. Having been declared the winner in a state she was sure she would win by something as random as a coin toss has to sting a little.

What Sanders camp will do with the momentum caused by what can be seen as an underdog victory remains to be seen. However, with Iowa now under their belts it seems sure that the forward-looking progressive is probably thinking, “New Hampshire, here we come.”

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