San Diego Comic-Con Fanatics Could #FeelTheBern; Spontaneous Rally Ensues

Mario Prado is a graphic artist in the San Diego area. He is also a fan of cosplay, comic books, science fiction and Bernie Sanders. To honor his candidate of choice Prado created a 10-foot tall painting of Bernie Sanders as a “motherfu#%ing sorcerer” warding off the Koch Brothers and their billions — and displayed it prominently at Comic Con 2015 in San Diego.

Bernie Sanders by Mario Prado at Comic Con 2015 in San Diego

Some people might find that an odd place to show your support of a politician, but Prado thought just the opposite. He felt that an untraditional place to expose like-minded people to a somewhat unknown candidate would really help spread Bernie’s message. Prado’s methods fit perfectly with Sanders’ desire to spread his message by word of mouth, through a true grassroots movement, and not through negative television ads spreading propaganda. Roll Call reports on Prado:

Comic-Con attracts a lot of nerds. Nerds are very much on top of politics…

Definitely, there’s been people through here who don’t know who he is and that have asked about him. And I’m like, ‘take it, please,’ he said of the leaflets he’d prepared delineating Sanders’ policy positions on everything from green energy (‘reverse global warming and make the planet habitable for future generations’) to universal health care (‘join the rest of the industrialized world with Medicare-for-all health care’).

‘Educate yourself and when you find out just talk to other people about it. Spread the word,’ he said he has advised political neophytes.

Although not formally attached to Team Sanders  — ‘Bernie hasn’t asked me to do anything for him. It’s just me doing it on my own because I love the guy,’ Prado assured CQ Roll Call — Prado’s makeshift camp soon attracted other grass-roots activists.

Prado found a thread on regarding his painting that some had modified to fit as their Facebook cover photos. Prado was humble and excited, encouraging people to “download and reproduce it anywhere you’d like.” Adding:

Lets get out there and do whatever we can, with our own skills, and communicate our support for Bernie in as clear and distinctive a way as possible.

Suffice to say that Prado and his friends can #FeelTheBern.

Featured image from Artist, Mario Prado Jr. at

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