Samantha Bee Has Best Response EVER To Trump’s Taco Bowl Tweet

For some reason, Donald Trump decided it would be a great idea to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by tweeting out a picture of himself eating a taco bowl. Somehow this man convinced himself that it would help him win the hearts of Latino voters to send this out on Twitter:

I don’t know why the world erupted into laughter at the sight of his dimwitted smile perched atop that taco bowl. Maybe it’s because he wants to build a huuuge wall between the United States and Mexico. Maybe it’s because he thinks our neighbors to the south should pay for that wall. Maybe it’s because he announced his presidential run by accusing all Mexicans of being rapists and criminals. Maybe it’s because of the mass deportations he’s planning to initiate as soon as he sits his narcissistic butt in the Oval Office.

Hell, maybe it’s because his face is the same color as the taco bowl holding his lunch. The world may never know. It’s just a mystery why Latinos aren’t jumping on the Trump Train after the bigoted billionaire declared “I love Hispanics” along with his completely authentic Mexican taco bowl pic.

Samantha Bee, host of Full Frontal and veteran of The Daily Show, had the best response imaginable to Trump’s failed attempt at pandering to a demographic of voters who will never ever be convinced to vote for him after all the disgusting rhetoric that has spewed forth from his narcissistic mouth.

She nailed it! Donald Trump has ruined his chances of getting the Latino vote. It just isn’t going to happen at this point. He has degraded and slandered them at every opportunity. The fact that he thinks they would decide that maybe he isn’t so bad because he took a selfie with a taco bowl just proves how out of touch with reality this “rich prick” really is.

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