Samantha Bee Gives Dire Warning: Trump Is Our Brexit (VIDEO)

Samantha Bee gave a dire warning on Monday night’s edition of Full Frontal. She explained just how the UK decided to Brexit the European Union last week. Then she drew a stark comparison between the catastrophic situation in Britain, and the current situation here in the U.S. with Donald Trump inching ever closer towards the presidency.

“While the Brits were waking up in the ruins of their nation saying, ‘Oh God, what have we done?’ a lot of Americans were looking over and saying, ‘Oh God, what are we about to do?’” Bee said, drawing up the disturbing parallels between the UK referendum and Donald Trump’s main message to the voters he is wooing with bigotry.

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“The Brexit vote was driven by angry, less educated, older white voters who feel screwed by globalization and the establishment and have been fed a chip butty of xenophobia slathered in slogan sauce,” Bee went on, showing video of British citizens who seemed to be quoting Trump word for word.

“Even a brain-damaged baboon couldn’t miss the parallels between the U.S. and Britain,” she added, as footage of Trump’s response to the crisis was played.

“Then there’s the sad conservative leader who gambled the nation’s future on his ability to control extremists in his own party and lost,” Bee said, while the screen behind her flashed back and forth between photos of David Cameron and Paul Ryan.

Bee then pointed out the even more disturbing similarities between Brexit’s number one fan and Cameron’s likely successor, Boris Johnson, and the GOP’s bigoted billionaire himself. “Basically, he’s Trump with his hair on backwards,” she joked.

Bee then spoke of the rampant racism that took over the country in the days following the Brexit vote.

That is really the worst outcome of Brexit, not the breakup of the E.U, or the fact that you can now use the British pound as loo paper. It’s that the vote made these hateful morons think that over half the country agreed with them.”

“This is why it’s not enough for Trump to lose,” she continued. “It has to be a fucking landslide.

Later, she added that “Trump’s brand of right-wing, racist, anti-immigrant demagoguery isn’t American. It’s a European import. And if we’re smart, we’ll stop it at the border and send it back where it came from.”

Watch Samantha Bee’s segment on Brexit and Trump, here:

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