SADISTIC Twitter Users Savor Sweet Tears Of Regretful Trump Voters With #Trumpgrets Campaign

It appears that “buyers’ remorse” is already starting to kick in among a few of Donald Trump’s voters who made the mistake of taking the former reality TV star at his word, and Twitter is loving it.

Alt-right Trump supporters have a word they use to describe the pleasure they derive from experiencing the pain of those opposed to their orange fuhrer; it’s called schadenfreude.

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Schadenfreude is a German word. It roughly translates from to “happiness at the misfortune of others” in English.

Since the election, Trump fans have wallowed in their schadenfreude like pigs in new mud. However, that’s slowly starting to change. As Trump settles into his new role as president-elect, there are already indications that he’s likely to discard many of the campaign promises he made to his die-hard fanbase.

So far, Trump has sent signals that he may not repeal Obamacare, build a wall on the Mexican border, round up millions of undocumented immigrants, or prosecute rival and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Those four fundamental issues gave millions of his supporters the hateful motivation they needed to go to the polls and vote for Trump. However, now it seems as though the president-elect is ready to treat his loyal supporters like unpaid contractors.

After their betrayal, Trump fans started filling up Twitter feeds with woeful messages filled with regret, sadness, and anger. And so, someone decided to collect those tears and turn them into a popular hashtag campaign called #Trumpgrets. Here are just a few.

This Tweet sums it up perfectly.

While we will all undoubtedly suffer for the next four years, there’s an almost primal satisfaction in seeing his disillusioned voters wake up from the Matrix into the new world they helped create.

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