Sad Sack Chris Christie Took $25 Million From NJ Taxpayers To Buy Trump’s Love

Thankfully, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a man with all the charm and temperament of Bluto, chances of ever being Commander-in-Chief have been dismantled. His pathetic presidential run proved that America preferred an even bigger, louder and more unstable narcissistic a-hole as their candidate. But since he can’t pretend to actually work as Governor of New Jersey forever, Christie has to kiss up to Trump in hopes that it gets him a cabinet level position. Well, that cynical effort appears to be playing out quite beautifully.

The sketchy relationship between Christie and Trump took on a new chapter after a New York Times report showed that Trump’s $30 million casino tax debt, something which New Jersey officials fought endlessly to collect, was suddenly reduced by a massive amount after Christie took office in 2010.

New Jersey agreed to reduce Trump’s tax debt via settlement to a mere $5 million. According to Christie spokesman Brian Murray, Christie had not been “aware of the tax dispute” and “could not comment on the terms of the settlement.”

Trump’s business woes start and end with his casinos. As a casino operator in Atlantic City, Trump’s casino took a Muhammad Ali-level hit, eventually leading to $30 million in tax debt to New Jersey. Although the specific details of the settlement weren’t made available yet, the report did show that state officials began to review Trump’s records with much more enthusiasm once they discovered his company had not been filling out the required schedule for the minimum tax assessment a decade ago. Of course, this occurred right after the Trump casinos filed for bankruptcy.

But here’s where the sh*t really hits the fan at full speed…

By the time Trump casinos filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009, the state said the total due, with interest, had risen to $29.4 million. Soon thereafter, the Christie administration said the two sides were in settlement discussions. Shortly after, New Jersey and the Trump casino company filed a settlement agreement with the court showing that the state would accept $5 million, paid in two installments, according to the New York Times. I’m no mathematician, but wouldn’t that have absolved Trump of $25 million in debts?

Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman, an outspoken Trump critic, made a salient point about this backroom dealing on Twitter:

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And the corrupt governor who shut down a major bridge to settle a political score, clearly has no qualms about pilfering NJ tax payer money in the past. For example, Christie’s office billed the state almost $7 million in legal fees relating to Bridgegate. Nonetheless, he’ll still keep screaming at teachers and low-income state workers for robbing the state blind. After all, this is what thin-skinned, unapologetic narcissists do. If only those qualities were an industry, then Trump and Christie would never have to deal with bankruptcy problems.

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