RWNJ Media Pulls Out Recording Of Megyn Kelley Talking About Penises, Breasts & Sex (AUDIO)

Donald Trump personifies hate. He hates immigrants almost as much as he hates women. What he hates more than anything is class, considering he has none.

Trump’s attacks on Fox News actress Megyn Kelley are as reprehensible as the fact that he’s sucking up a good man’s oxygen. Megyn is a favorite target of mine as well — because of her politics, not her gender. Trump sees only blonde hair and breasts, meaning that she is clearly beneath him and his tiny penis, so he overcompensates by playing big bad billionaire bully.

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Kelley has handled it like a champ, showing that even though she’s a horrible human being that sold out to Rupert and Roger for fame and fortune, she’s not going to be walked all over simply because of her gender.

The right-wing media has jumped into the game, offering unwavering support for the disaster that is Donald Trump, even at the expense of one of their most beloved news personalities. This A/V clip, from a segment of The Howard Stern Show, is being touted by the wingnuts as proof that Megyn Kelley is “classless” and “dirty.”

Like a typical stern interview, she does her best to stay light and keep the words he puts into her mouth as innocuous as possible, especially since the subject matter, which the right is calling “breasts, penises and sex,” is a discussion about her married life and monogamy.

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Have a listen and join the conversation. Is this what you would consider “dirty talk?”

Featured Image: GQ

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